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Beginner's Force Fetch

Hey! I have a almost 1 year old springer spaniel female. She is having a little bit trouble retreving it but she is pretty good at it. The other thing is she wont drop it! And some one told me try force fetching but i am not sure what that is and how to carry it out. so if you would please tell me this thank you very much for your time

Jerry, Force fetching a dog is a tough thing to do for a beginning trainer. I would recommend that you not do it alone before you read a good book on the subject. Hup by James spencer is a good book to go by.

Now lets talk about a trained retrieve.

I feel that you don't really need to force fetch her now. You say she is good at it but does not want to give it up. Hey the reason most people FF a dog is because the dog won't retrieve reliably. I think you should look at a trained retrieve. Use a bumper with no bird scent or wings attached. Throw the bumper and then send the dog. Once she has it up to you give her the hup command. don't be in a rush to take the bumper. Just let her have it. Make her sit, and tell her hold, and repeat it. Pet her and talk real nice to her let her know that she has done real good. After you let her hold for a little bit take the bumper in hand tell her give and pinch her lip to her tooth. She will let go then really lay on the praise. At this same time make sure she is line steady every time. What we want it for the dog to realize that retrieving has a set of rules. And these rules need to be followed. Sit her, throw the bumper and hold on to her with a cord. After she is steady let her retrieve. Let her hold it while at hup then give. If you get a perfect retrieve stop. Then later try it again, don't over do it a couple of times per session is good a couple of sessions per day is enough. Let us know how you do and good luck. Ron

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