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Two-Tone Whistle

First of all let me express how much I enjoy your Web Site. I have a 6 month old Drahthaar and the articles and information available on your site have helped in making my training easier and more rewarding.

I have read a lot of articles and books that talk about whistle training but none of them have explained what type of tones are used for each command. My Drahthaar is doing very well on his yard training and I would like to start incorporating a whistle. I have purchased a Acme German two tone plastic whistle and would like some advice on which tones to use for each command. Your assistance would be appreciated.
Conrad Watkins

We haven't come across many people that use two tone whistles. We only use a single tone. Willie Engleking from King's kennels trains for the KS tests in germany and uses a two tone whistle. He uses the sharp hi pitch tone for the "whoa" command and the lower pitch for "come" or "here". Hope this helps you!
Steve Harmeyer
KC Kennels

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