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Whistle Commands

I would like to know the different whistle command one would use in the field. I have a 6 month old wiemaraner who I have listening to both voice and hand singles, now I would like to teach her whistles commands. Now is there commands for left, right, back and here ?

Weim' owner,

First of all let me say this, Weimaraners are some of the most impressive looking dogs in the Sporting Breeds. Their color and muscle structure are truly striking. Some day, I'll add one to my brood, but for now Long Tails have a spell over me!

Whistle Commands Afield
Well, if we want to take a textbook approach to field use of a whistle, it would resemble such: Textbook as according to Steve Anker that is. :) These are the whistle commands and hand signals I incorporate into my training basics.

RECALL: three long bleets- a call to bring the dog back to you, preferably back within a few yards, which in turn you would then command to heel, if you do not intend to continue further on down the field.

WHOA: One long bleet- the dog should stop in its tracks, standing awaiting a release command to continue.

TURN:(left or right): Two short bleets- the dog should turn and look to you to get a hand signal, (a direction) which then you would command the dog to turn left or right via an exaggerated arm motion to one side or the other.

HANDSIGNALS: Whoa: in the pointing dog world, a hand straight out, palm side out as if to say HOW, like an Indian, means stop.

RECALL: Hand , open and down to the side palm out (heel side) means to come in and get to heel. Two outstretched arms means " Hey, where did ya go? You've been gone for twelve minutes!" or "I gotta quit this game and take up GOLF!" Two hands pulling at your hair means, "Why did you not listen to my command!?" Fist in mouth (biting Down) means, "why didn't I get a placement at this Trial!?" Seriously though,

These are a few signals you can work in to your routine when training your new pup. Keep it simple, no morse code, no difficult chords, and no sign language hand signals, just be basic and try to have some fun.

Whistlin Dixie,

Steve Anker
Anker Outfitters

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