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Fontline and Ticks

I am a novice owner of a 5 month old Brittany. I have used two applications of Frontline for dogs under 22lbs, my Brit is now probably right at that weight. First application was on 10/1 and second on 11/1. Her first experience in the woods was the weekend of 11/20. Many ticks were attached to her after our time afield.
My question; Is Frontline supposed to be a repellent for ticks when used every 30 days? It appears to only kill the ticks after the bite. By the way her lyme shots are completed. Should I be using a repellent spray as well?
Thanks for your help

Tony, in really heavy tick country I have better luck with the Front Line spray than with the spot-on product. My best luck really controlling ticks in a hunting situation has been with a combination of the Front Line spray and the use of a specific type of collar called a Preventic collar. You should be able to find these collars at good pet supply stores or at your vets office. This is a "killer" combination on ticks.

Dr. Mike

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