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Siblings want to play instead of hunt

I have 2 sisters 1/2 German Shorthair 1/2 Weimaraner. They get along great. Got them at 5 weeks cause the guy had to get rid of the pups. They are now 6 months old and are beautiful dogs. Mostly dark brown shiny and great looking physically. One problem we have is when you try to train them together they want to pay more attention to each other.

You are correct. What you have is young dogs that are a 2 dog pack. Don't fret about leaving one behind as you will need to train each on its own. I would crate one dog. Do my obedience traing out of ear-shot (so you and the other pup can not hear the complaining) and train. I would do short 10 to 20 minute sessions following any good obedience book on pointing dogs. I would then switch dogs and do it all over again.

This is the only way you'll ever get a handle on these two. One will not learn form the other and I am afraid you will get frustrated trying to do both at the same time. So train each on its own. Also you may find that one pup is easier to train thatn the other. But don't be afraid and good general obedience takes lots of gentle tedious time go over the same techniques until the dog grasps the idea or what you want it to do. AND as you said you have 6 month old pups that will take some growing up to do.

If you still get fristrated try contacting a local kennel in your area that might offer a general obedience class. Working with any professional is really worth the money as you and the dog will learn so much.

Good Luck :)


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