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Wild tail

I have a two year 70# Yellow Lab female that is just the greatest except for one thing, her tail does not stop wagging. She must be the happiest dog on the planet, but I have a tough time stopping the destruction and knocking down of glasses, table top lamps and whatever else happens to be on the tables in the house. I understand that the tail serves as similar role as a rudder when swimming, which she does a lot of, but is there anything that I can do shy of cutting it off? She has a few other faults that I can handle with conditioning, but can I do anything about the tail? Help me out, as I cannot bring her into someone's house that is not properly adjusted for tail level and intensity. Thanks for the help, Pat

Many labs have happy tails in fact lots of them damage the end of their tails from wagging and banging them on hard surfaces. So hard that it casues the end of the tail to lose it fur and bleed. There is really not anything short of having her tailed docked that will work. I feel that this is an extreme measure to take.Good luck.

Kim Moses
Hunters Marsh Kennels

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