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Excessive chewing

I got a rescue dog Pointer breed and he is about 1 to 1-1/2 years old. He is very sweet but he is constantly chewing, almost like a puppy, and I am very nervous to leave him to get the laundry or pick up the phone because he may chew my furniture or something. The rescue lady told me about it, before I adopted him, because I believe that it can be change. I understand dogs like to chew, but they dont need to do that 24h a day. I have seen dogs whom they also relax, and play and dont need to have something on their mouth all the time, So please tell me how do I break the habit, is a chance for him? thanks.

Pointers are kind of a strange breed. Many of the lines are so genetically bred to hunt birds that they don't interact real well with people in a household environment. When these dogs don't have an opportunity to hunt it can cause compulsive behavior like constant chewing. It sounds to me like this dog needs to hunt! That doesn't mean you as the owner has to hunt. But the dog needs to run and work at least two or three times a week.

If you are going to keep him in your house you need to provide a place that is just for him. A travel crate works great. When you are not able to be in the room with him put him in the crate. Leave the crate open even when you are in the room and you will be surprised at how much time he will spend in his own place. Give him plenty of chews. Cow hooves work best, (available at pet supply stores) they last longer and are more digestible than rawhide.

Pointers are wonderful dogs but like many of the hunting breeds they are the happiest when they are doing what they were bred to do.

Good Luck
Joe Riches

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