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When to introduce to water?

I am picking up my new pup(yellow lab female) on saturday 11/20/99. I have read all i can on retriever training and was unable to find an answer to my question.

When is the appropiate time((#weeks) to introduce pup to water, and since we are approaching winter here in NJ will the water be too COLD for pup and make her reluctant to enterand swim???????????

thank you very much.

With the onset of cool weather and colder water temp. I would not put the pup into the water at all. I would advise you to wait till it warms up in the spring. It is very important that the water when the pup entered it for the first time be shallow and warm. You should walk in letting the pup follow you and give him/her a lot of praise. The dogs needs to have a good attitude about water. Water is a nice place to be. Putting the pup in water at this time of the year could do a lot to cause the pup to disike water. Do not worry that the will be over 6 monhts old before it goes in the water. You will not have lost anything and by waiting you will help your pup develope into a good water dog.

Kim Moses
Hunters Marsh Kennels

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