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When does pup show retriever instinct?

When does a retriever puppy start showing its retrieving instinct? I have been hunting with my dog, Ann, for 9 years. Two days ago I got a 8 week old lab puppy. I know that the dog has undergone a major change, but I am anxious for him to start showing an interest in picking things up, playing, chewing. I have given him a duck wing that I have been saving in the freezer, but he didn't care much for it. I also played a game of fetch with Ann while he looked on. He seems only interested in sleeping. I know that my concerns are premature, but I am a worrier. So in your opinion, when does a pup start showing its retrieving instinct?

Your pup has just been taken from his littermates and introduced to many new things, new house, new people etc. Let your pup have time to adjust to its new enviorment. I believe that your pup need special time each and every day,where he is the only dog, lots of one on one.. Where he can have all of your time and attention. The problem with having a pup with an older dog is the pup will bond to the other dog instead of you. If your pup was from sound working or hunting lines the desire to retrieve should be there. You will need to encourage it, with balls toys etc. Do not make a big deal of it if he shows no interest. The retrieving desire should kick in. Be Patient, just as Rome was not bulit in a day, your not going to make an 8 week old pup that you have had for just a few days into a super retriever. Be patient, and let the pup grow along with his or her desire.
Kim Moses
Hunters Marsh Kennels

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