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Wide ribs in newborn pup

A freind of mine just had litter two weeks ago.Had 8 and only 3 lived.My question is,one puppy lays flat on his belly all the time,when you pick him up his rib cage is flared out and his bottom side is flat like a turtle shell.Will this round out and go back to normal when the pup is strong enough to stand up or should something be done.This pup cannot lay on his side,like the other two pups. Thanks RENICK

Renick, I call these puppies "swimmers" and in my experience the prognosis is guarded. Get the puppy off newspapers or hard bedding and onto bumpy rolled up towels or deeper bedding so he cant lay flat. Increased exercise is very important. If the puppy is too fat I would decrease it's nursing time. Some breeders fashion loose tape hobbles to prevent laying down. Good luck with a difficult situation.

Dr. Mike

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