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Persistent Pupillary Membrane

Dr. Mike,
What is peristent pupillary membrane? Will it cause permanent vision problems in a puppy as she grows older?

Andy, a persistent pupillary membrane is a remnant of an embryonic vascular network to the lens. They look like spidery white or brown strands that cross the pupil. PPMs are a congenital defect with no medical treatment and if they are confined to the iris or colored portion of the eye they are of no significance relative to vision and are not progressive (some become less evident with time). Occasionally the stands develop attached to the lens or the cornea and result in a non-progressive cloudiness. Most sources recommend that you do not breed affected dogs (although I did find a study done in Norway where they bred an affected male cocker to 2 affected sisters producing 14 puppies and none of the puppies had any ocular abnormalities.......two heads yes but no eye problems :)

Dr. Mike

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