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My husband showed up with 2 spots below his left ear, they look like ringworms. I have seen ringworms before, and as the days go by, the more it favors them. We do not own a cat, but we have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever that seems to have a hotspot on his tail. Could this be a ringworm instead of a hotspot? I have reason to believe, that it maybe the cause of my husband having the suspicious looking ringworms. Please help.
Thank you,

Andrea, interesting question. I'm afraid I can't comment on your husbands condition, besides he wouldnt like size needles I use. As far as your chessie goes you vet can tell your dog has "ringworm". Some of the agents that cause ringworm(actually a fungus, not a worm) will "glow" when examined under a special light. Your vet may also pull a few hairs around the lesion and send them to the lab for culture. The good news is that the conditon is treatable in dogs, you're husbansd on the other hand...............

Dr. Mike

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