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Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis

What is the cause and treatment for hemorrhagic gastroenteritis?What is the risk factor of the recurrence of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis in a dog??

My English Setter Female had her first attack of hemmorrhagic gastroentertis at the age of 27 months old June 1999.Second attack July 1999,The second attack was a mild one.No scopeing was done.Treatment was mainly blood transfusion and antibiotics.

Could a vitamin c difieiency cause hemmorrhagic gastroentertis??

Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE) is a disease that causes severe bloody diarrhea, possibly vomiting, not eating and depression but usually no fever. 10 -15% of affected dogs seem to develop repeated bouts and we don't know what triggers the attacks. Treatment is usually large amounts of iv fluid and possibly antibiotics. I think you should rule out infectious disease like bacterial infections (clostridia and salmonella), salmon poisoning and toxicities like mushrooms, arsenic, warfarin etc. I usually run a chem profile and send in a fecal culture to try to establish a diagnosis. In some areas of the country whipworms and hookworms can be a factor in the disease as well. Others have suggested a dietary change to a hypoallergenic diet may decrease the severity and frequency of attacks. Good luck with a frustrating problem, let me know what you find out. Dr. Mike

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