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Bump on ear

Dear Ask the Vet, I have a 18 month old GSP who has a problem with an area on the inside of his ear flap. Three days ago, I noticed a circular area, about the size of a dime, raised slightly off the skin. The area looked pink with some scabbing and struck me as strange because of the true circle design. Today, the area appears to be cracking along the scab but it is slightly less swollen. It does not seem to be painful or to itch. Should I take him to the vet to have it checked or could it just be an insect bite of some type. He is housed inside with another dog. Thanks, Patrick

Patrick, thanks for the question. I'm guessing because of the lag time between asking a question and getting an answer this lesion on your dog has either worsened and your vet has seen it, or it has gone away by itself. Since I cant "eyeball" the lesion its hard to answer those kinds of questions, usually asking me if you should take the dog to the vet is like asking a baptist preacher if you should tithe to the church....sure! If you know for sure its a mild allergic reaction or a bug bite I often use an over-the counter cortisone cream a few times a day to decrease the irritation. If that doesnt clear it up or the lesion gets worse take your dog to your vet. Cheers....Dr. Mike

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