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Ovaban (birth control)

Dr Mike -
The day before her first duck hunt, my Wirehaired Pointing Griffon came into heat. I got some Ovaban from my vet & after a week she went out of heat. My questions now are 1) She acted like she lost her nose (and her mind) last week. Is it true that females can't be relied on for hunting while in heat? and 2) When can we expect her to come into heat again? Should she follow a normal 6 month pattern or does the Ovoban increase/decrease the time until the next heat?

Nancy, Does it sometimes seem to you that gun dogs are put on this earth to annoy us? What "perfect" timing that was! Well, I agree that many female dogs have a difficult time concentrating on hunting while they are in heat, it also REALLY messes with any intact male dogs along for the hunt. Since you put her on Ovaban after she was already in heat, she may come "back in" as early as 30 days after stopping the pills. I'm not a huge fan of Ovaban especially for long term use, I prefer a product called Cheque drops but you have to start the drops a good 30 days prior to the anticipated heat for best effectiveness. I hope you have a successful hunting season, oh, another thing gun dogs teach us........patience. Good luck. Dr. Mike

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